Hosted by the European Commission Directorate General for Information Society and Media, and organised by the BRIDGE and PROMISE projects as well as the AITPL cluster, the EU RFID Forum 2007 will be held on March 13th and 14th 2007 in Brussels, Belgium.

300 guests, including top academics, industry leaders and representatives of relevant user associations and organisations as well as government officials, will convene to discuss topics related to Radio Frequency Identification.

This conference will concentrate on the following two objectives:

  • To identify research needs from RFID towards the “Internet of Things” with respect to different application areas, and
  • To act as a platform for continuing the dialogue with the RFID stakeholders on a European level

Industry and Technology Forum
After the opening by keynotes, the first day of the event will be an industry and technology forum. A session will be devoted to reporting the provisional results of key European research projects. Another session will look at the long term perspective of the Internet of Things and the Ubiquitous Information society. The industry and technology forum will concentrate on issues of implementation and policy and provide the participants with the latest strategies of RFID developments.

Academic Sessions
The second day of the event will essentially be dedicated to academic sessions enabling world class university researchers to exchange information and coordinate their programmes. The academic stream is part of a series of meetings of the “RFID Academic Convocation”, driven by the Auto-ID Labs at MIT and being organised around the world to build collaboration across academic disciplines, institutional and geographic boundaries.

The conference will be concluded by a panel session, providing concise summaries and recommendations.

All papers submitted and approved will be published in the Proceedings page on this web site.

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